Life with Your New Christmas Pet

There’s nothing more exciting than getting or giving a new pet for Christmas. Memories are made starting with the big surprise — that moment when a playful little bundle of joy bounces into your life. Your new arrival is sure to bring years of love and companionship to your household, but a new pet is also a big commitment. 

After the wrapping paper stops flying and the last of the eggnog is gone, you may be ready for a little help starting off on the right paw. If your new family member is a puppy or younger dog, a lot of future problems can be avoided by establishing good habits early on. 

Socialization should start as soon as your pup is old enough to be fully vaccinated. For a fun and safe place to socialize with other dogs, check out our doggy daycare program. It’s a great way to teach good manners and healthy play habits around other dogs, where your new fur baby will be under the experienced supervision of our staff and surrounded by dogs who have passed our behavior evaluations and vaccination requirements.

However, socialization is more than just learning to get along with other dogs. The idea also includes setting up opportunities for positive encounters with different kinds of people and places, sights and sounds. Look for parks, retailers, outdoor restaurants and busy streets that you can visit together. In order to keep your dog from being overwhelmed with new experiences, start with shorter time frames and don’t be afraid to remove your dog from a new situation if he or she starts to show signs of stress.

Once the holiday chaos dies down, you may notice your pup exhibiting some common behavior problems such as chewing, barking, leash pulling or difficulties with house training. Finding a puppy class for younger dogs or basic manners class for older dogs is a great way to correct these types of issues before they get out of hand. Our expert trainers offer a variety of classes to choose from, and they are happy to tailor some one-on-one instruction time with you and your dog to address any specific behavioral issues that you may be dealing with. 

We hope you and your household are having a wonderful time and adjusting well to life with your new Christmas pet. As you work on getting some good socialization and training underway, be sure to call us today to book your dog training and doggy daycare programs. All of us here at  Collierville Canine Club look forward to providing all of your furry family members with the best of care in the new year.